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Our Founder, Mr. Don Sneed started working for a local movie theatre in 1970 as a projectionist in Galveston, Texas.  In 1980,
Mr. Sneed began his technical services for the movie theatres as a Theater Sound Technician, working for such companies as
International Sound & Cinema Service, and RCA (Theatre Division) serving Houston, Texas & surrounding areas.
In 1998, Mr. Sneed sold the business & went to work for Universal Cinema Services in Arlington, Texas to further his
knowledge in the new Digital age of Movie Theatres.   Mr. Sneed traveled the world installing Movie Theatre projection & sound
equipment in the Caribbean, Guam, Italy, Japan (where he met his current wife Kimie)  and throughout the USA coast to coast.
In 2006, Mr. Sneed started Commercial Sound Services in order to serve the needs of quality
sound for all types of businesses and churches.  With 43 years experience in the audio field,
Commercial Sound Services can install and service all types of sound systems from small
portable systems to high-power sound systems.
OUR SOUND SERVICE TECHNICIANS consist of a team of up to (20) Installers,
and (3) Service Technicians with over 21 years experience in commercial sound.

OUR THEATRE TECHNICIANS consist of (3) Full Technicians with over 60 years combined experience.
About Us
Owner Don Sneed
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Audio Technica 8004 Microphone
In 1985, Mr. Sneed started Commercial P.A. Services serving movie theatres, sound service for
Churches, Business, restaurants in background music, paging systems, CCTV, and drive-thru
intercoms for Taco Bell & Wendy's restaurants.  Mr. Sneed ran this business until 1998 in which
he serviced and installed many church sound systems throughout Texas.
Don Sneed-Owner
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