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Does your Amusement Park have an optimal Safety Announcement System and Message Repeater to keep your customers well informed and safe to enjoy their day! Commercial Sound Services specializes in fully customizable audio systems complete with amplifier, microphone, and speakers for both live and recorded messages for Amusement Parks, Mini-Golf Courses, Go-Kart Tracks, and Ticket Lines. Our modular systems can easily be installed both indoors and outdoors by your staff, and in the event of an issue we will overnight ship a repair or replacement module to you!

audio message repeater solution

Mini-Golf Courses

Announce specialties and reminders to mini-golf players

safety announcement system

Go-Kart Tracks

Communicate with Go-Kart riders to keep your track safe

amusement park announcement module

Theme Parks

Allow your theme park ride operators to clearly announce safety procedures and warnings

message repeater keeps your waiting lines informed

Ticket Lines

Keep your park and theatre waiting line customers informed and entertained with our Announcement System


Introducing the New DSA2-4 & NEW DSA2-4M Digital Announcer!

These audio announcements are currently in use on the DSA-4M:

Welcome to The AVIATOR!
Welcome to The CAROUSEL!
Sorry, Bad Weather!
Thanks For Riding The CAROUSEL!
Thanks For Riding The FLARE!
Installation at the “Weigh Out Weigh In” on the Kemah Boardwalk

A Complete Announcement System – Ready to Install


Messages are stored on the included Micro-SD card and can be changed by the user. Announcement length can be as long as you need. A card reader/writer is also included in the package for use on the user’s computer to record messages.

As an option, a professional voice actor can record your message with clear speaking, added music and effects to enhance your message.

Or you can record the message yourself – easy to do!

DSA2-4M With Mic

HOW TO USE YOUR DSA Announcement SystemIt’s EASY!

DSA2-4M Digital Announcer

DSA2-4 Digital Announcer

Need More Announcements?

The DSA can be configured to play up to 16 messages with as many buttons as your location needs!

Our DSA system is a modular design that can be serviced & repaired in the field by your maintenance staff if a problem do arise. Just remove the cover, unplug the DSA module, Install the replacement. Within 10-mins the DSA is back to normal.

We have a repair/exchange module that can be shipped overnight to minimum down time. If (6) or more units is purchased, we will include (1) spare module free of charge, so you will always “Be Heard”.

Kemah Boardwalk – Including Rides, Train, and Parking Garage installation and support since 2012
Pleasure Pier – Galveston, TX installation and support since 2015
Shark Attack 5D Theater
Downtown Aquarium Theme Park – Houston, TX
Trader Village – Houston, TX
Hype Adventures – Meridian, MS
Bingo Mojo – Houston, TX
Katy Bingo – Katy, TX
St Mary’s Catholic Church (Bells) – LaPorte, TX
Coming Soon! – Texas City

The DSA Announcement Systems Exclusively Sold At: