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Installation Procedures

Click Here To Download The Complete Installation Procedures (Last modified 5/12/2024, pdf)

Thank you for purchasing the NEW Digital Sound Announcer known as the DSA2. This system is designed to deliver up to 16 pre-recorded announcements for Safety Announcements, Theme Park information, Amusement Rides, Go-Karts Tracks, Food Vendors, Theater Box Offices, etc.

The DSA announcement system will playback the exact wording for the announcement every time to assure the announcement will be the same each and every time it is played. This prevents a live operator from accidentally leaving out a part or mistaking the announcement allowing a potential law suite in the event an accident.

This system is a self contained unit with an MP3 player that can playback up to 16 pre-recorded messages correct every time. Each DSA2-4/M is custom made for each order, each unit is hand made at our facility by our trained technical staff in Texas City, Texas.

Your DSA can be ordered with optional external switches, sensors, timers, and wireless remote control or it can be added to your DSA to make announcements play automatically.

The DSA has a 2 Year Warranty on all parts and labor except for the microphone. In the event of an unlikely problem with the DSA, our overnight repair/exchange unit will get you back to normal within 48-hrs. after receiving your call.

For Service
(409) 795-0182

Or use the form below and we will reply as soon as able:

Box Includes (2 boxes)

  • DSA2-4/M Master Unit (1)
  • DSA-Microphone (1)
  • MicroSD Writer/Reader (1)
  • MicroSD Case (1)
  • MicroSD Card (2)
  • Power Supply 12vdc/1 0a ( 1)
  • Power Supply Cable, (Black) 18ga/2c, 20′ (1) Power Supply Weatherproof Enclosure (White) (1) Speakers Indoor/Outdoor (White) (2)
  • Speaker Cable (White), 18ga/2c, 50′ (2)
  • Self Tapping Hex Head Mounting Screws (12) Fender Washers (For Mounting DSA2) (3)
  • Mini Screwdriver For Volume Control (1)
  • 8mm Hex Driver (for drill) Mounting Screws
  • Tube Silicon (1)
  • Q-Tips (4)
  • Extra Blue Wire Nuts (4)
  • Extra Gray Wire Nuts (4)
  • Small Zip Ties (6)
  • 8″ Zip Ties (6)
  • Instruction Manual