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Repair and Exchange Program

Our DSA system is a modular design that can be serviced & repaired in the field by your maintenance staff if a problem does arise. Just remove the cover, unplug the DSA module, Install the replacement. Within 10-mins the DSA is back to normal.

We have a repair/exchange module that can be shipped overnight to minimize your down time. Also, if (6) or more units are purchased, we will include one (1) spare module free of charge that can be ready to installed at moments notice, so you will always “Be Heard”.


The DSA is warranted to be free from defects in manufacturing for 2-year from purchase date, except for the microphone. Any failure to any part of the DSA will be replaced by CSS, a CSS Service Tech, or by overnight UPS delivery to the client. Warranty is limited to product defect or failure. Warranty does not cover any abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, flood, fire, or rain damage caused by missing screws. Please Note: CSS does not take responsibility for any non-working message that may have caused damage or accident to person(s) or property caused by a non-working DSA. This system is a tool, all safety announcements are the responsibility of the facilities owner, the operator. CSS will warranty the repairs for 1-year, and the shipping with a repair/exchange unit at no charge. After the warranty has expires a repaired/exchange unit will sent at a flat repair rate charge with overnight shipping.

5-3/4″w x 6-1/4″h x 3″d
3.5 lbs weight
Power 12vdc/1 OA

Original DSA-4M – 10/01/2012 – Prototype Unit s/n-001, Testing- 12/01/12 ~ 05/01/13, Passed – 05/01/13 (Kemah Boardwalk-Carousel)
Original DSA2-4M – 09/15/2021- Prototype Unit s/n-002, Testing- 10/01/21~ 05-15-22, Passed – 05/15/22 (Kemah Boardwalk-HynoSpin)


For warranty or non-warranty for a DSA2 unit that is not working, do not attempt to repair yourself. Commercial Sound Services (CSS) has a repair/exchange program.

The entire inside component unit can be removed & installed within 5-mins. If the business contacts CSS before 3pm CST, CSS will overnight a replacement unit. The DSA is designed to be replaced easily in the field by:

  1. Removing the DSA2 Module first disconnect the (4) speaker wires (orange  black) from the module.
  2. Pull the DSA2 module straight up.
  3. Unplug the 12vdc power Connection (label Power), unplug the microphone connected From the module.

This unit is to be installed in place of the bad unit as follows:

  1. Plug in the 12vdc power cable connection label Power, & the microphone connector.
  2. Install the DSA module in it’s holder, (it is wedge in between the brackets to hold it in place)
  3. Connect the (4) speakers wires to the Orange (+) and the Black (-),
  4. Remove the MicroSD card from the bad DSA2 unit (from the MP3 player) and install into the replacement unit, apply power
  5. Adjust all the announcements (spiels) and microphone volume level to the correct volume level, check to see all buttons are working correctly. The microphone volume should be at 9 O’clock position, the spiels at 12 O’clock position, the power amplifier at 12 O’clock position. NOTE: this is the starting point, adjust as loud as needed.
  6. Install the cover & the DSA2 is restored for use.
  7. SEE OWNER’S Manual for more information about the DSA2 Installation.

Send the bad unit back to CSS in the same shipping box with regular ground shipping. If the DSA is out of warranty, CSS will only charge a low flat rate for the repair/exchange unit for the unit that went bad plus the overnight shipping charges. The repair/exchange unit comes with a 90-day warranty. For A Out Of Warranty, repair/exchange module is $158.00 including state sales tax.